Photographer in Whitby

Welcome to Kime, where technology and creativity meet to produce stunning portraits, spectacular landscapes, and intriguing abstract images. I am James Cockill, an experienced and skilled photographer in Whitby, happy to perform commercial and personal photography, as well as commissions for a wide range of customers. Contact me on 07880 797147, to enquire about a commission, painting, or an existing photograph or print.






Finding the perfect shot for you

I can perform both portrait photography and landscape photography, creating an artistic image that fits your ideal. I can capture your subject in the finest detail, and bring things to life in a still image. Have a look through my gallery of portrait photographs here, or contact me to arrange a sitting.





Commercial photographer in Whitby

If your company needs that perfect shot, or a picture of your staff, or pictures of your products, Kime Photography and Fine Art is here to help. Having good quality photographs of your work can make all the difference to a website, a promotional poster, or a social media campaign. Being able to show your customers how good your work is will inspire confidence and result in more sales and more custom. Call 07880 797147, to discuss your commercial photography needs.




Drone photography and videography

Drone photography is especially useful for roofing contractors and building repairs, where a drone can be used to survey damage to a roof, and compile an estimate. Likewise, high quality drone footage is great for showing clients that the work has been completed to a high standard. As a professional commercial photographer in Whitby, and an experienced drone pilot, I can create great drone footage and videography for your business.

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Fine Art

My partner's fine art draws upon creativity combined with use of state-of-the-art technology. She can undertake commissions, and also showcase and sell work she's created of landscapes, abstract subjects, surreal work, and portraits. Have a browse through the fine art collection here, and find the work that appeals to you most.

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 Photographer in Whitby


Meet the Photographer
James Cockill

Since childhood I have always had an affinity for technology and the arts, and this lends itself to photography very well. I have been a hobbyist photographer for decades, and recently have begun to take it up professionally, performing a great service for commercial and personal clients alike. As a photographer in Whitby, I endeavour to provide a reliable, high-value service to all my clients, and take great pride in my work and my professional approach.

About Kime

Kime is a martial arts term, and is a Japanese word for power or focus, and describes the tension and concentration at the moment of impact. For my photography business the literal translation portrays my company approach perfectly, and also, the philosophical intent of concentration and decisiveness reflects my own personal approach to work, with passion and sincerity in everything I do.